here we go

as i said, i started making music again. the results are showing by now, and i guess the full release will be finished this month (or so i hope). it's not going to be a full album, but something between an ep and a full album release, with five tracks ... maybe i'll still make a sixth.
in any case, there are some previews available. so you can hear what i am up to. the most worked out piece is incidentially the one i have no title for yet. it's a melodious track in 6:8 measure with a melody sound that i was told sounds like 'psychoelectric' .... seemingly a french synth band from the 80s. the other most advanced piece is called jovian skies. both tracks as you can listen to in sneak preview are basically just basic arrangements rendered to disk. in the ultimate version there's gonna be some more. filtersweeps, small rhythmic variations and other dynamic elements i'll do live in the mix because i like to do so. other people like to automate everything down to the last little flick of a switch, but i am not going all that far. electronic music is very preconceived and stiffly regulated as it is already ... nothing wrong about throwing in some human element.
finally, there's a third preview of a piece called on the frontier. it features a voice sample from the movie dead man and for the rest, all sounds except the hihats and the granulizer wrenched intro are made with an fm matrix synth. this piece is still very much a draft. very simplistic in it's rhythmic section, pretty short and not yet featuring the variation in melody i want to achieve.
as for the rest of the pieces, they are still very scetchy, but will not be for much longer i hope.

i hope you'll enjoy it and will be looking forward to the next release.