finally some music

i have finally broken the silence. the last few weeks i was busy making sounds again and assembling them into pieces. actually, one of them is already quite matured.

after having been busy with non-straight beats for quite some time. i decided that it was also time to depart from the structure of 4/4 resp. 8/8 measures and made a piece which has a 6:8 timebase. that is basically like a waltz, but more high-resolution. makes for very interesting grooves once you get used to it.
also, i went into depth with a software synthesizer that features a multi-routing matrix. back in the days, i once had an analogue synthesizer (an oberheim matrix-12) i had borrowed from someone, which also had one of those. i remember that i found it the most fascinating thing back in those days ... even more so than modular synth systems. well, these days you can do a lot with software, so there's no need to lug around big pieces of gear ... even though they do have a certain sex appeal. still, in the end it's about the music, not the tools. one thing is for sure: the sounds you can make with multi-routing matrix synths are still among the most sophisticated creations possible. i like them a lot, because they are yet another example of sounds only possible with electronic instruments. at least i could not think of any physical instrument that could do the same thing ... maybe an organ, but i am not sure.

ok, back to the studio