selling something for the first time in ...

... something like ten years i think. since i do belong to the lucky (or cursed) people who can just make music because they enjoy doing so, and just give it away idly without caring for promotion or money or popularity, i didn't really put any effort into getting stuff out there. well, not that i put much effort into it now. just encoding, uploading, waiting, and probably never ever selling a single piece, hehe.
well who knows.
my reason actually wasn't that i wanted to make money. the thing was more, i wanted to put my music online in a decent quality without compression that takes a lot of the sound away, but i was worried, that putting up cd quality sound is a bit too much. i am already giving aay free and decent quality mp3s and oggs, but if people really want to rip my style off on the basis of cd-quality sound, they should at least pay.
well, there might be some people who want to listen to my music in hifi standard
not that i know any of them :D
my real hope is, to get some money in this way, so i can make a physical release without having to pay it out of my own pocket.
maybe the next one, which will probably be a four track ep due some time this year. this one will depart a bit from my usual style, so i might actually use another name for it. i keep you posted, but also make sure you check out my label page at