first steps in electronic music together with a friend now producing under the name konsorten
it was a nice time. we took a lot of chemical substances and worked with old analog machines. we made acid tekno like most people at that time. we went on parties, teknivals and other events to play we desperately tried to make a name for ourselves in a world full of acts like us

1996 - 1999

three friends and myself built up lo-res
together we took our first steps in software-based music production, which was still a rather undeveloped field back then.
we varied our equipment pool by borrowing and lending. one way or another we ended up using almost all the classic pieces; the ubiquitous must-haves of music making equipment during those days, like the TB303, the TR909 and all the other things which are nowadays simulated with vst plugins.
a few more years went by with playing music here and there. we ended up at almost all venues and clubs vienna had to offer. wherever our eclectic mix of triphop, drum & bass, house, and a few more odd electronic styles would fit into a lineup. we had some sort of gig somewhere every other month or so. to list all of them here defies my memory

the first releases of our crew fell into that time on "gelb wien" and "cheap" respectively

2000 - 2003

in the year 1999 lo-res began to dissolve slowly.
two of us set up the pilot.fm music label. a third started throwing drum&bass parties under the name synergetic
me and my then girlfriend started out together, and we did a few things: a liveact on a teknival for old times sake, a small tour on the "1999 e55 rallye" and a liveact at t0 public netbase in 2002
we never ended up producing anything serious together,though.
a final common appearance on a party early 2003 in amsterdam marked the end of this chapter
I went on to produce alone and released on my old friend's label pilot.fm.

2003 - 2004

i started broadcasting once a week on dfm webradio, played a few venues in my new home-city and finally found something like my own style.

2005 - 2006

while pilot.fm went the way of all things and vanished from this world, i found a new label to release on: post-digital recordings in the u.s.a.
so far there are two releases and two compilation contributions i did for this label under the name conosphaera.
more is to come.