The Great Lie

If you live anywhere in the so called western world then there probably was, or still is, some sort of social subsidy or provision system for schools, health care, care for the disabled and elderly, unemployment grants and social security payments.
But in the course of the last two decades, at least, these systems have constantly been reduced in effectiveness and their budgets have been cut.
Why? Because there isn't enough money left, we are told.

If you happen to have lived or spent some time in a country where the problems lie much more of the level of subsistence and survival, then you will probably have seen the constant disenfranchisement of your fellow human beings in that society. Why, you ask, do these people have to live in poverty? There is not enough resources left for them, and not enough means of production for them to produce the goods they would need, and not enough investment that can go there, you might most probably get as an answer.

Let's say, you do not believe the politicians of your European home because they only withold the money for social security to reap the benefits themselves, right? You do not believe the World-Bank technocrats who just help international corporations exploiting third world countries either, don't you?

No, you are probably one of those who want to do it differently, who want to change things?

But your friends from the organic farm tell you that we should not be using so much electricity because it is made from burning coal and oil and by atomic fission. If all people would use as much energy as people in Europe or the United States, the world would be a global ecologic disaster within months! There just isn't enough for everyone, and we just have to be more modest and humbly live with less.
Your revolutionary comrades will nod knowingly (after saying something bad about hippies) and will lecture you on the simple fact, that in a socialist world some people will just have to live with less, because everyone gets an equal share. There just ain't enough resources to hold such a luxurious standard of living, as the top ten richest nation's citizens now enjoy, for six billion people on this world.

So they all more or less agree, right?
There just isn't enough for some reason or another.

But what if I told you they are wrong?

Goes a long way to show that consensus doesn't automatically mean you're doing the right thing, but that's a story for another time.

So, before I tell you how they are wrong, there's a little to say about the history of that whole idea.
It all began in the British Empire at the turn of the 19th century. Back then a man named Reverend Thomas R. Malthus was contracted by the crown to conduct a study on the inventory of the British Empire following the 1801 census and the 1804 inventorization of the British East India Company.
The man did not get this job in a lottery. He had become known for writing his 'Essay on the Principle of Populatiom' in 1798. That nice little piece of doomsday prophesy basically predicts that humans will multiply faster than they can harvest even renewable food and energy sources to sustain their growth. Later when he had become professor at the East India Company College and had finished his work, he saw himself confirmed. The population in the empire had skyrocketed, but the increase in production, the amount of newly gained resources and the harvests from the lands of the empire, had grown much slower, albeit steadily. The British empire was the first global powerstructure at that time, and so Malthus felt himself justified to just state that this is a thing which applies to the whole world

Well, almost hundred years later some other guy named Karl Marx had come to some major conclusion in his work, and guess what? He also implied that there was not enough, and because there isn't we have a constant struggle going on about these scarce resources. From then on the course was set. Most people who dealt with such things always started from the point where they decided to concentrate on the harvesting, exploiting, using, producing from, allocating and distributing of scarce resources. World Bank Capitalists and radical left wing political groups have one basic agreement: We need to deal with scarcity.

So preoccupied are they all with the scarcity, that they completely lose focus of what we have in abundance.

So you probably have heard once in your life some outrageous figure on how much an average US or EU citizen consumes in terms of energy every day.

Well, I have some of these too. For example, in 1980 another guy who liked to inventorize stuff - R. Buckminster Fuller - counted all the statisticly recorded energy consumption and then he calculated how much energy we have coming into this planetary system on the basis of all available research on those things. "Coming into" means energy that is directed from the outside towards the inside of the system. Those are gravity and all kinds of forms of energy waves and radiation ... sunlight and radiowaves for example. This "Energy Income" also does not count stored energy as in oil, coal, uranium or minerals. Those are defined as the "Energy Stockpile".

So it turns out, that all of the statisticly recorded energy consumption at the time the book was written amounted only to one four millionth of a percent of all the then identified forms and amounts of Energy Income.

The doomsday prophets from Malthus to the Club of Rome are discredited by that, but still everyone seems to believe their prophesy.

For centuries - maybe even for millennia - those who wish to rule you have denied you both acess to this knowledge and access to the means by which you might put it to use. If each and every human would know that scarcity is a lie, that energy is available in abundance, that the means to collect and to use it are not something that has to be controlled by state governments and corporations, those in power would lose a lot of their ability to rule their subjects. Who would still go to a war for scarce resources when everyone could be a millionaire in terms of energy income?

Your priests, your poltical leaders, your scientists, your bosses and even your revolutionary comrades have lied to you, i say, to make you a willing pawn in their agendas and to keep you in constant fear for your own survival.

I suggest you stop believing and start to find things out for yourself.

This article was originally published in the Woningnjet & the Maximum Rock'n RollMagazine