so let's get started

right. i am sitting here at work and wait for several terabytes to be transferred over a network, and i have done all the other stuff i could do on the side, so i have some time to kill.
well, since this is mostly a page about my music and nerdy rpg stuff, i gonna write something about that.

- music

i don't know if there is a musician's equivalent of a writer's block ... composer's block maybe. after my last release earlier this year, i went deeper into ableton live and it was pretty cool until ... well until i stopped doing anything. for three months now i have not created a single sound or laid down a single note for an arrangement. slowly i am getting worried. a friend of mine once had this theory, that you are creative mostly as an outlet if you are somehow out of balance, depressed, emotionally in an extreme condition or otherwise dissatisfied or missing something in my life ... maybe everything is too good for me?
no, i didn't think so either.
time to get off my ass and reconnect my studio equipment

- gaming

sometimes i ask myself if there are still people out there who even still play pen-and-paper roleplaying games in this age of 2nd life, world of warcraft, everquest and what else have you. interestingly enough, i see people my age getting totally hooked on all these online rpgs. therein lies a fundamental realization about the generational differences in online habits. some five years ago, i finally managed to get off my long-time addiction concerning online gaming. of course, in those days it was all still text only and it was called MUD/MUSH ... and it was free! now, i have thus learned by my mid twenties that online gaming can mess up your social life, destroy your relationship and deteriorate your performance at work, at a time when the current gamer generation hasn't even been aware of the fact that you can use the internet for different things than emailing and websurfing. it's not so much a question of age as it is a question of technological appreciation. i know people ten years younger than me who went online in their early teens, and they are of course as jaded as i am if not more. on the other hand, the online world is now full of people who are ten years older than i am and stumble around the net like little toddlers taking their first steps ... and fall into almost every pit set up by those who are maliciously savvy. on the other hand, this new generation of online rpg'ers often haven't even heard of the fact that there are pen-and-pager rpgs. it's a strange feeling to feel so much more oldschool than people who might be the same age as you or even older. i guess that's a lesser version of the feeling that former child soldiers must have in case some twentysomething gi in iraq tells them about war.

so much for the far-fetched analogy of the day